Houses that Stand; Houses that Fall


There was a storm coming on the house of Israel in the 1st century, a storm that would test the foundation of Israel and of every individual in her. That storm, as Jesus would later prophesy, will culminate in Jerusalem being destroyed and the temple being pulled to the ground. In preparing his disciples, Jesus explains that while houses of wood and stone may collapse for various reasons, houses of human life collapse for only one reason – the foundation gave way. And the foundation, Jesus tell us, is always a matter of faith. Who or what is your ultimate authority? Who or what is the ultimate source of freedom, peace, and prosperity? Who or what can you count on to stand up and deliver you from the storms of life? Every individual answers those questions, and so does every nation. And while the answers vary widely, it ultimately comes down to only two – Jesus and anything else. When the storms of life come, and they will, the only people and the only nations who stand over the long haul are those built on the foundation of obedience to Christ’s word. Jesus told his disciples point blank that Israel as a nation was going to collapse in that very generation under the coming storm. Their job, regardless, was to lay a new foundation of obedience to Christ and his word. That was paramount for Christ’s disciples in 1st century Israel, and it is equally paramount for his disciples in 21st century America. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. –Alan Burrow

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