2015-01-11The Cross
2015-01-18Jesus the New Adam
2015-01-25The Resurrection of Jesus
2015-02-01Jesus' Ascension: The Forgotten Aspect of Redemption
2015-02-08Jesus, Fully Human, Fully Divine
2015-02-15The Benefits of Christ's Ascension
2015-02-22The Holy Spirit
2015-03-01The Church
2015-03-08The Communion of the Saints
2015-03-15The Forgiveness of Sins
2015-03-29Saved by the Righteousness of Christ
2015-04-19Saved by Grace Through Faith
2015-04-26The Sacraments
2015-05-10The Lord's Supper - One Bread
2015-05-03Baptism and Children
2015-05-31The Lord's Supper - Communicating Christ
2015-06-07The Lord's Supper and Children
2015-06-14The Rock the Church is Built On
2015-06-21Church Authority
2015-06-28Good Works
2015-07-191st Command: No Other Gods
2015-07-262nd Command: No Graven Images
2015-08-023rd Command: Taking God's Name in Vain
2015-08-09Christians and Oath Taking
2015-08-164th Command: The Sabbath
2015-08-235th Command: Honor Your Parents
2015-09-066th Command: No Murder
2015-09-137th Command: No Adultery
2015-09-208th Command: No Stealing
2015-09-279th Command: No False Witness (Part 1)
2015-10-049th Command: No False Witness (Part 2)
2015-10-18Understanding the Law
2015-11-01Prayer: Talking to God
2015-11-08Our Father...Hallowed Be Thy Name
2015-11-15Thy Kingdom Come
2015-11-22Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
2015-12-06Lead Us Not Into Temptation
2015-11-29Forgive Us Our Debts
2015-12-13What is Baptism?
2015-12-20To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever
2015-12-27God's Spoken Word
2016-01-03Church Membership
2016-01-10One God
2016-01-17God's Sovereignty, Man's Freedom
2016-01-31The Covenant of Life
2016-02-07The First Sin
2016-02-14What did Satan Gain Through Adam's Fall?
2016-02-28The Scandal of the Virgin Birth
2016-04-03The Present Reality of Christ's Kingship
2016-04-10Christ's Humiliation and Exaltation
2016-04-17God's Grace in Salvation
2016-04-24The Wonders of God in Salvation
2016-05-01The Goal of Salvation
2016-05-22Set Apart
2016-05-29The Benefits Believers Receive (1)
2016-06-05The Benefits Believers Receive (2)
2016-06-12The Law of Love
2016-06-19Preface to the Ten Commandments
2016-06-26The First Commandment
2016-07-03The Second Commandment
2016-07-10The Third Commandment
2016-07-17The Fourth Commandment
2016-07-24The Fifth Commandment
2016-07-31The Sixth Commandment
2016-08-07The Seventh Commandment
2016-08-14The Seventh Commandment (Part 2)
2016-08-21The Eighth Commandment
2016-08-28The Ninth Commandment
2016-09-11The Tenth Commandment
2016-09-18Walking in the Light
2016-09-25What Makes Some Sins Worse Than Others?
2016-10-02Repentance and Faith
2016-10-09How Will Christ Be with Us?
2016-10-16The Key to Understanding the Sacraments
2016-10-23Why is Prayer Hard?
2016-10-30Praying Like Royal Sons and Daughters
2016-11-13As We Forgive Our Debtors
2016-11-20Deliver Us from Evil
2016-11-27For Thine is the Kingdom, Power, Glory
2016-12-04Covenanting Together
2016-12-11Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?
2016-12-18Why Does the NT Begin with a Geneology?
2017-01-22The Greatest Commandment
2017-01-29Falleness and Depravity
2017-02-05The Surprising Significance of Hell
2017-02-12The Crazy Incarnation
2017-03-19Meditation on God's Providence from Psalm 139
2017-03-26Christ is All You Need
2017-04-02The Christ Hymn of Hebrews 1
2017-04-09Christ - Son and Redeemer
2017-04-23Why Did Jesus Have to be God and Man
2017-04-30Jesus Suffered
2017-05-07If Salvation's the Solution, What's the Problem?
2017-05-21Christ's Ascension
2017-06-18Two Roles of the Spirit: Helper and Guarantor
2017-06-25The Church
2017-07-02Communion of the Saints
2017-07-09Forgiveness of Sin
2017-07-16The Resurrection
2017-07-23E ternal Life
2017-07-30Righteous in Christ
2017-08-06Inheritance vs. Wage
2017-08-13Repentence and Faith
2017-08-20What About the Sacraments?
2017-08-27Baptism and Identification
2017-09-03Hurricane Harvey and Identity Politics
2017-09-17Family Table, Family Life
2017-10-01Church Discipline
2017-10-08Good Works
2017-10-15Repentance and Faith
2017-10-22Good Works
2017-10-29No Other Gods Before Me
2017-11-052nd Commandment
2017-11-12Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
2017-11-26Honor Your Father and Mother
2017-12-03Do Not Murder
2017-12-10The 7th Commandment - No Adultery
2017-12-31Bearing False Witness Means More Than You Think
2018-01-07Don't Covet
2018-01-14The Purposes of the Law
2018-01-21Why Prayer is Hard
2018-02-04Hallowed Be Thy Name
2018-02-11Thy Kingdon Come
2018-02-18Thy Will Be Done
2018-02-25Our Daily Bread
2018-03-04Forgive Us Our Debts
2018-03-11Deliver Us from the Evil One
2018-03-18For Thine is the Glory
2018-03-25The Chief End of Man
2018-04-08God's Word to Us
2018-04-15The Trinity
2018-04-22The Sovereignty of God
2018-05-06Sin and the Law
2018-06-03Depravity, Freedom, and Election
2018-06-10Christ as God and Man
2018-06-18Christ the Ultimate Prophet
2018-06-24Jesus Our High Priest
2018-07-01Praying for All in Authority - Including Supreme Court Vacancies
2018-07-08The Meaning of Christ's Humiliation
2018-07-15Christ's Exaltation
2018-08-19The Benefits of Salvation Right Now
2018-08-26The Blessings of Believers at Death
2018-09-02The Blessings of Christ at the Resurrection
2018-09-09Sum of the Law: The Two Great Commandments
2018-09-16I Am the LORD Your God Who...
2018-09-23The First Commandment
2018-09-30The Second Commandment
2018-10-07The Third Commandment
2018-10-14The Fourth Commandment
2018-10-21The Fifth Commandment
2018-10-28The Sixth Commandment
2018-11-04The Seventh Commandment
2018-11-18The Ninth Commandment (Part 1)
2018-11-25The Ninth Commandment (Part 2)
2019-01-13Spiritually Dead
2019-01-20Union with Christ